St Michael's

CE Primary School

'Go shine in the world and live as Jesus lived.'


We take a phonetic approach (the sounds letters make) to the teaching of reading. We use the Read Write Inc scheme to teach phonics so that reading, writing, handwriting and spelling are integrally linked, modelled and practiced every day. These discrete phonic lessons are taught daily in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Children are regularly assessed and then streamed into relevant phases depending on their ability. They learn the name, shape and phoneme for each letter and groups of letters in a sequential way. They have daily practice at reading those letter sounds and blending them to read words including the sounds that they have learnt.  The children get success and enjoyment from reading books linked to the sounds they have been learning that week and these books are part of the home reading diet for the children as well as a book of the child's own choosing that they can share with parents/carers. Children are taught to read words automatically if they are very familiar; decoding them quickly and silently because their sounding and blending routine is now established and to decode them out loud.


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