St Michael's

CE Primary School

'Go shine in the world and live as Jesus lived.'

Pupil voice

What our pupils tell us about their experience of school


Year 6 pupil

The teaching is really clear so that means that you can understand hard stuff. Teachers are so kind and helpful and they make sure that you do the best that you possibly can. My favourite part of school is reading new books and discovering new authors. It inspires me to be an author.


Year 6 pupil

In Geography we’ve been learning about the Amazon Rainforest. I’ve learnt that we need to stop chopping down trees and just look after our planet. When I’m older I want to be a deep sea diver and teach people about the importance of looking after our planet. And I also want to be an astronaut.


Year 4 pupil

This is the best place to be! After lockdown, I was SO excited to come back and see my teachers and my friends. They take lots of care of us here. The thing about coming to Saint Michael’s that I really like is that you learn lots of new things all of the time.


Year 4 pupil

This is a very kind school. On my first day here I felt really nervous and then everyone was so kind and I made good friends really quickly. The teachers help you learn and give you lots of challenges and reasoning so you never get bored. Maths is my favourite because I like to try and solve the problems.


Year 3 pupil

I get to learn new things all the time here. I like that I can see all my friends and we can learn together. In Destination Reader lessons we learn to be better readers and we have brilliant books. But I mostly love learning about the environment and nature in Science. I’ve learnt that some things that humans do have a negative effect. I love animals and some of them are endangered. It’s not fair that they suffer and this is what I want to help with when I’m older.


Reception pupil

Miss is so good at reading stories. She is very calm and beautiful when she reads to us. We have so many books in our class library- Jasper is my favourite.